What to do if diploma is not ready

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In the fifth year the main task of the student to prepare and defend a thesis project. Otherwise, to talk about getting a higher education diploma is not necessary. The process of creating a thesis is long and consistent. It is not only important to observe the sequence of writing, but also to meet the established framework of educational process time.

In April – may, the graduate begins to worry the main question is, what happens if the thesis is not ready for overcurrent, and it is not casual. The time to carefully study this relevant to a student subject.

What is the overcurrent, and why is it necessary?

Overcurrent – this is the final stage of preparation of the graduation project, which is considered a kind of “dress rehearsal” for the upcoming defense. A student preparing for this moment responsibly and diligently, because after a successful pre-defenses can get a positive opinion of the teacher – leader and a huge experience of speaking before a larger audience of listeners.

The student must understand that the overcurrent diploma is supposed to prepare to the fullest extent possible, because preparation time will be no more.

It is therefore important not only to systematize obtained in different sources of information and record it in the finishing option with a practical application, but also to prepare a presentation for students and faculty.

Most students don’t understand why all the necessary overcurrent protection of the diploma, if in a short time will have its protection. Why waste time and, especially, once again to panic and be nervous?

In fact, this is an important stage such a large-scale work, an integral part of the educational process, which performs in the life of a student the following relevant functions:

1. Check students ‘ readiness for the upcoming defense. Since the principle of this work is identical crucial to the protection of the diploma, the teacher can judge the readiness of the graduate, the fullness of his knowledge and the correct approach to the disclosure set before the fifth-year task.

2. Dress rehearsal of the diploma. The student can prepare for the future protection, since it is located in close to her conditions. Only – no admissions, but instead listens carefully prepared in advance in written form report teacher-head of the graduation project.

3. The ability to “pull the tail”. If the thesis project has “weaknesses”, the teacher a careful study of the content of the overcurrent will find in the explanatory Memorandum. So the graduate has the time to rework or repair individual episodes of the graduation project.

These are the main points that need to know the student-the fifth-year, and therefore a responsible approach to the issue of overcurrent graduation project. How serious is his attitude, the more likely a lot to learn from such a rehearsal. At the time of overcurrent diploma should be ready for 99%.

Preparation for dyploma project

Typically, overcurrent protection is appointed and takes 2-3 weeks until graduation. This makes sense, because the student has more time to correct the report or to make corrections to the content of the sections of the explanatory note. The main thing – to do everything in a timely manner, “without delay”, so to speak.

As soon as the overcurrent student regardless of the results (comments still) needs not just rework the weak areas of your project, but also to bring an explanatory note to the teacher-supervisor for the reference check.

Otherwise, positive review, preparation for protection of exposed will not, and the student generally will not allow for this important event in your student life.

Some students mistakenly believe that overcurrent is only a rehearsal report. Actually it is not, because it is necessary to provide in full the explanatory note, are decorated in the finishing option, applied material, to prepare a fascinating report and find the right answers to potential questions on the topic of the graduation project.

It will have not one hour of free time to write in the student library. Upcoming rehearsal of the graduation project will be as realistic as possible, so that positive feedback will have to sweat.

To prepare for the upcoming overcurrent morally necessary. First of all, to allay nervousness, to hide the apparent concern, and then appear before a visual audience for the story of his report by heart.

Speaking skills in this case will be inner peace and full self-confidence too. Some students with innate shyness brings not the content of the report and the inability to clearly and concisely submit valuable information to the masses.

How is the dyploma project?

Many students do not know the exact answer to this important question, and just guess, no clue. Some are guided by the opinion already passed the pre-defense of the lucky ones, others have stories of teachers. In any case, everyone has their ownthoughts and memories of this difficult period of students.

A few important points:

2. Once again you can explore the contents, check the registration is written, according to accepted standards.

3. To check graphic and experimental component of the graduation project on the correctness of the calculations, the relevance of the information.

4. To write a report, focusing on the important points. It is desirable to stipulate in advance with the head of the diploma plan for future presentations.

5. To learn the report by heart, to be able to understand the content of the explanatory note and well-designed drawings.

6. Rehearse at home in front of a mirror report, try to answer without looking at a sheet of paper.

7. Before the day of the overcurrent to be a consultation with the head of the graduation project and to discuss the smallest details of an upcoming event.

If everyone is ready, the overcurrent will hang on the Board drawings prepare graphical presentation, to recite a report, answer all the questions of the teacher and students.

In the latter case, it should be noted that similar questions can be asked by the members of the selection Committee is already on the protection of the diploma. So to rehearse the correct answers certainly will not be superfluous.

If the thesis is not ready for overcurrent?

Modern students are different, and not all are responsible for the upcoming dyploma project. That’s just so lazy and devoted to this section of the article. So, a thesis project is not entirely ready to overcurrent, what to do?

In fact, despair later, it’s time to find the right way out of such an unpleasant situation. That’s valuable advice for the negligent fifth-year students not to make the last year of his University studies failure:

1. The first thing you want to contact the teacher and try to individually adjust the timing of the upcoming overcurrent. This way you can win few days in which to Refine the “raw” thesis project.

2. Realizing that time is almost here, it is important to leave her gay life and sit down for textbooks. It is not excluded that sleepless but very productive will be a few nights directly before the overcurrent diploma.

3. To ask the help of the teacher, to visit several further consultation to “pull the tail”, to bring the content of the explanatory notes and practical aspects of the graduation project to perfection.

4. To give the head of the diploma certificate from the student polyclinic about the disease that will help for a few day delay overcurrent graduation project.

5. Look into the Internet: it is possible that on the vast world wide web, there is a similar topic for the Capstone project, which will help the sample to remove the hitch for writing the explanatory note and not only.

6. In the world wide web there are many finished projects that you can buy online and passing it off as your own creation. However, in this case it is important to beware of the scams that implement non-unique content, plagiarism.

Conclusion: So don’t despair, especially during the long years of study at the University, the student became a “skilled craftsman” and “generator of crazy ideas”. Therefore, it is required find a way out of any situation with benefit for myself. The dyploma project is no exception, is not considered to be a hopeless situation.

Now you know it will be, if the thesis is not ready for pre-defense.


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